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About Trips2Savor Small Group Tours

Trips2Savor small group tours are created to offer visitors that enjoy learning about people and food, specially curated, small group experiences that are expertly designed, safe, and fun.  Our tours are ready for you, with little planning effort, making efficient use of your precious time.  Just show up, relax and enjoy the experience.  Our small group size allows us to get outside of major cities and off the beaten path, ending up with a more personal and culturally immersive experience that is more intimate and shared with locals.

About Your Tour Leader

Meet Pete Manzo:

Travel Enthusiast turned Tour Director

Ever since I was a teenager I was lucky to have been able to travel independently and extensively (about 26 different countries) thanks to TWA having had a hub in St. Louis. Frequently travel to Italy with a concentration in Northern Italy (particularly Tuscany) and leisure travel every moment I can.  I am a ITMI Certified Tour Director and Guide.


I founded three small businesses: Manzo’s Kitchen, Inc. a USDA sausage manufacturing facility, EAT Saint Louis Food Tours, Inc., a walking food tour company, and a property management company, each built from the ground up using my skills daily to grow and maintain them.  Trips2Savor small group tours is a natural extension of my walking tour company.

Food Lover

Raised in my family’s business of restaurant foodservice supply & specialty food distribution and then started my own food manufacturing company. I have authored a food and travel blog and have also founded a walking food tour company which allowed me to couple my skill of storytelling with my love of food!


While pursuing my baccalaureate degree in college, I worked in visual display product merchandising.  As I developed various businesses my design skills grew as I interacted with other creatives to create marketing, branding and social media campaigns.   Food and travel photography and creating digital fine art are just a few of my hobbies.

Community Leader

As a small business owner and neighborhood stakeholder, I have been interviewed by local and national newspapers/magazines, appeared at promotional engagements, speaking events and television.  Co-founder of the Macklind Business District and Macklind Days street fair and have organized, promoted and managed various charitable and fundraising initiatives and events.

World Citizen

As a citizen of the world, I live my life exhibiting mutual respect for my fellow human with intentional sensitivity to cultural differences. I strive to use sustainable tourism methods when I can on an effort to leave the earth in a better way than I found it.   Dual-citizen and hold both Italian and American citizenship.   I speak Italian and English.

In sum, I love connecting with people and telling stories. I love giving that gentle nudge that spurs a person to try something new and then seeing them enjoy it. Live life with adventure and purpose. Believe in following the Golden Rule, and exceeding expectations at every opportunity. Strive daily to develop loyalty as a result of consistently delivering memorable experiences.

Come along with me as we explore and make some memories!


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