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Three months in Tuscany, Italy.

Photo of a happy Pete Manzo of Trips2Savor in wet and dismal weather.

In about three weeks or so, I will trek from St. Louis to Tuscany. This will be my second trip. In January 2012, I was fortunate enough to come across a company that does specialized food tours in the area of Tuscany.  I signed up to take an Advanced Salumi Course, as I am a 2nd Generation Italian sausage-maker in St. Louis. This course afforded me the opportunity to learn to make salumi with several Master Salumieri in the Tuscan region. Absolutely Amazing. It was such a wonderful experience, I became fascinated with the area and with the owner, Heather’s expertise in the area. She is such a wealth of knowledge, I continued communication with her and will be spending about two months with her, beginning in May, for a sort of cultural exchange of sorts.

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