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Small group tours of Italy for food aficionados!

Our small group tours of Italy are meticulously crafted tour experiences that dive deeper into a particular country/region through food and cultural immersion. The small group size (typically of 8  to 12 people) is perfect for those travelers that crave authentic experiences they typically wouldn’t be able to have on their own.

Our Tour Experiences

Tastes of Tuscany Culinary Vacation

8 Days/7 Nights

Picturesque Puglia Experience

9 Days/8 Nghts

What Our Clients Say

Why travel with Trips2Savor?

It is easier than travelling on your own. Never wonder where to go or what to do – we have a specially curated experience ready for you, making efficient use of your precious time. Just show up, relax and enjoy the experience.

Small group travel allows you to travel safer and still get the local feel. Higher tour leader-to-guest ratio allows you to really get to know them and help to minimize potential language barriers.

The size of our small group tours of Italy allows us to get outside of major cities and off the beaten path, ending up with a more personal and culturally immersive experience that is more intimate and shared with locals.

Our small travel group allows us to visit and stay at places we normally couldn’t with a large group. It is not as intrusive on the local culture and doesn’t overwhelm the destination.

Meet and travel with like-minded people, form friendships and even do more tours together!

Be a Trip Sponsor

In the photo are the women of the Tonsi Family of St. Louis. They loved our Tastes of Tuscany itinerary and selected a week to sponsor so they could have some quality family time together and attend as a private group with Pete as their host. As a Trip Sponsor, they were responsible for ensuring the rooms were filled with up to twelve of their selected friends (and family) and that the trip would be a go! They had an amazing time!

Being a Trip Sponsor of one of our small group tours of Italy is a great way to enjoy our delicious tours but in a more private group setting. Great for groups of friends that travel together, small family getaways, social groups like wine and cooking clubs, etc. It’s also a great way to thank valuable key clients and reward your most productive employees!

Click the button below and let us know what week and what tour and we will let you know if we can make it happen!

Tonsi Family women enjoying the Tuscan hills on a small group tours of Italy.

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