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Everybody loves Biscotti

Today we drove north to visit and interview potential producers for existig tours and some new tours in development.

IMG 0191 2

Panificio Lazzeri

We drove to the village of Pontestazzemese to Panificio Lazzeri. This producer originally started making breads but realized his biscotti were in high demand and now mostly produces handmade natural biscotti. Located on a mountain with a creek running below it, it provided a beautiful backdrop to my favorite item to eat with coffee in the morning.  By the way, according to the Italians, it is a big faux pas to ask for a cappuccino in the afternoon.  I was scolded and advised that it is ONLY a breakfast beverage, as true Italians would order an espress in the afternoon!


IMG 1170

Sig. Lazzeri & Heather


IMG 1179

Preparing Biscotti for their second bake


Panificio Lazzeri, as a potential producer for Heather’s bread professional development course, we needed to scout out a local hotel for the overnight. Right below the Panificio, on the mountain is Hotel La Pania offering a standard, clean accommodation, and an attached restaurant with a patio that has picturesque views of the creek and central location to the piazza.

IMG 0200 2

Hotel La Pania (front)


IMG 0201 2

Creek off the patio of the hotel

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