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Day Trip to Viareggio

With my room booked for three nights in Torre del Lago, I decided to take a day trip to nearby Viareggio. Viareggio is another coastal town about a 15 minute bus ride from Torre del Lago. I purchased both my departure and return bus tickets at the Tabac (storefronts that usually only sell cigarettes and mints/candy and such…oh and bus tickets). Cost be 1.50 Euro each way. Bus drivers don’t handle money here and you can’t pay for it near the bus stop. The nearest Tabac to the bus stop was nearly 5 blocks away, glad I thought ahead. Once I entered the bus, I validated the ticket. If you are caught on a bus with an unvalidated ticket, you could be fined and asked to pay the fine on the spot.

The bus dropped me off at the main piazza in Viareggio, which was near the marina, so I decided to explore the marina area first. With a beautiful boardwalk and old school Art Deco hotels and storefronts, there was lots to see. The boardwalk brings you up close to a sculpture… a nearby plaque explains that it represents a family waiting for their fisherman father to return.


IMG 1295

Marina in Viareggio


IMG 1297

The pier


IMG 1301

Relaxing on the rocks


IMG 1305

 ‘Waiting for return of Father’ Statue

IMG 1318

Market Square


IMG 1302

 Beach in Viareggio


IMG 1310
Beachfront Supply Vendor

IMG 1326

Art Deco hotel


IMG 1324

IMG 1325

Art Deco storefronts on the boardwalk.

IMG 1314

Artisanal gelato popsicles


IMG 1313

Popsicle Poster

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