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Devil’s Circle

Today, our last day of the tour, we travelled to San Pellegrino in Alpe. A bit chilly, we nestled together in a little cafe and had somo ‘cioccolata calla’ (hot chocolate) which is served very very thick – I needed a spoon.

We visited the Ethnographic Museum Don Luigi Pellegrini. It was full of objects used in every facet of peasant life, until the recent past, including spinning and weaving, which every household did for itself.

Typical peasant bedroom
Peasant kitchenware
Forms for Footwear
Old handforged keys

After lunch, we walk through the rustling beech woodland to open alpine meadows carpeted in genetians as we make our way up to the “Giro del Diavolo” – a legendary field of stones carried there by penitents.

Making our way up
The Legendary Field of Stones – Giro del Diavolo

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