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Exploring Barga

IMG 1515

In the wall above the entry to Barga

About 6 pm we drove to Barga. As we entered the area I could see ‘New Barga” on the outskirts with newer buildings and ‘Old Barga’ the picturesque medieval hilltop town with a vibrant artistic community. It was an absolute pleasure to get lost and explore the maze within the city walls. My favorite part was the cathedral. As you can see in the photos below, we are already on a hilltop and the first photo is taken from below. The photos where the cathedral is located was extremely picturesque. Probably one of the best panoramic views I’ve seen of the Alpi Apuane. It reminded me of the dramatic scenes -like a egyptian sacrificial altar up high in the sky. It was THAT dramatic!

IMG 1516

Making our way up the streets to the Cathedral


IMG 1518

Yes, we’re headed up there (cathedral at upper-left)


IMG 1522

Front of the Cathedral


IMG 1521

View Facing out the Cathedral door.


IMG 1536

Can’t pass up this photo op with the Alpi Apuane as the backdrop.

Below is something I found while looking around town. You know I’m superstitious and love stuff like this.
You should google it.
IMG 1540
Anybody know what this is?
ANSWER – It’s called a ‘scacciaguai’


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