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Festa di Primavera in Castiglione

At 11 am we arrive in Castiglione for their Festa di Primavera (Spring Festival). This picturesque walled town in the Garfagnana featured handmade crafts and food vendors. We strolled through the town and ooh and ahh’d at the beautiful old buildings and scenic views seen below.

IMG 1370

Tour group arrival


IMG 1368

Church at the base of the village


IMG 1375

Me. and the Tuscan Hills


IMG 0235

Villager demonstrating his skill of basketweaving


As with any sagra, this festa had a sit down pranzo (lunch). Pranzo is normally the heaviest meal of the day. This one had so much food, i forgot to take photos after the appetizers came out. There was two primi – pasta and then soup (one served after the other) then a secondi of arrosti (roast beef slices) with contorni (sides) of potatoes and salad, then dolci (a light cake covered in fresh strawberries). here is a pic of the appetizer plate with very thin crepe like spring vegetable frittatas, vegetable spreads on bread and some salumi.

IMG 1422

Our Sagra meal


IMG 0225

The Tastes and Textiles Tour Group

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