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Milk from the Mechanical Cow

Heather doesn’t drink much milk. I do. I love all dairy. On the last visit, about a year ago, she told me of the mechanical cow that sits in the middle of Borgo a Mozzano, a local village. I was intrigued and had to go ‘milk’ it….

Below is a photo of it in all its glory. If I were more proficient in photoshop, and had the time, I would make it glow just as if it were water to someone lost in the desert –a mirage, if you will. It was the best milk I have ever had and it deserves every bit of adoration I give it.

IMG 1153

Behold the Mechanical Cow in all its glory!

As the story goes, almost every morning, after the farmer milks his cows, he comes down from the mountain and fills this refrigerated mechanical ‘cow’ with this fresh whole milk. He then logs the last date and time it was refilled so the locals will know. Then, throughout the day, the local villagers come with their bottles and purchase their milk from the mechanical cow at a cost of 1 Euro a liter. If you left your bottle at home, there is a bottle vending machine attached where you can purchase one. GeniusI purchased my milk and I’m a happy camper. Picture me with smiling with a milk moustache.

IMG 1151

Me, pre- milk mustache

NB. As we trek up the mountain, Heather advises to loosen the cap on the milk bottle. “Why?” I asked. “Well, the village is at an altitude of 580 meters, and you don’t want the pressure to crack the glass bottle.” I would have never thought of that. She advised that it has happened before. I was grateful that she saved me from potentially losing the delicious milk… I would have cried if something like that happened. Truly delicious.

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