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The Best Pecorino Cheese I have ever tasted!

IMG 1605

The home on the farm


IMG 1669

View from the farm


IMG 1656

 happy sheep


Up another mountain today about 1000 meters up to Cerasa Farm. The Cavani family is part of a project to save the native breed of Garfagnana sheep. Signora Gemma uses their milk to make pecorino cheese. She explains how she makes the pecorino cheese by starting with the milk to cutting the curd and ladling it into moulds. We then watched her make ricotta from the whey. This is why here, Ricotta is not considered cheese because it is not made with milk, it is made by recooking the whey and making it curdle.

IMG 1615

boiling the milk


IMG 1620

Mixing and separating the curd from the whey


IMG 1622

IMG 1646
Gathering and pulling the curd out to put into forms

IMG 1647

curd resting in pecorino form


She took us to her cellar where she matures the pecorino cheese.

IMG 1635

Gemma showing us her cheese cellar

IMG 1629

freshly salted pecorino ready to be aged


IMG 1628

Pecorino aging in the cellar

Also on the property are ancient chestnut trees. Each has a small plaque below which tells the birthdate and name of the tree. Yes, they name the chestnut trees on the property.

IMG 1611

Chestnut trees all around us

IMG 1667

me with a belly full of cheese


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