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Sagra di Baccala

What is a Sagra? A sagra is a local (village) festival in Italy, usually involving food, and maybe some music, or sport or competition.

This Sagra was in Borgo a Mozzano, Lucca and is celebrating Baccala, also known as salted cod fish. We purchased our food tickets then went to the food line where we redeemed our tickets for food. Just to give the readers and idea of current prices: 11 Euro for the Baccala, 3.5 Euro for the ceci (cooked chick peas – a traditional accompaniment to the Baccala) and 2 Euro for the Beer. Apparently, this one had a dog show or competition prior to us arriving. Darn, missed it.


Heather Jarman with her (L to R) beer, baccala and ceci

Heather Jarman with her (L to R) beer, baccala and ceci.


This sagra pretty much reminds me of catholic parish picnics I grew up with– minus the games, and rides. It was held in a big open field that, I believe doubles as a area for sport .. maybe calcio (soccer). Some people travelled and brought their campers, some even brought day tents and chairs to make a day of it. And others, like us, took advantage of the community tables to eat and meet new people.


Crowds of Baccala-eaters

Crowds of Baccala-eaters.

Just a reason for the community to get together and fundraise. For a people-watcher like me, it was a great opportunity to interact with the locals and get right into the thick of it all. Not a lot of tourists at all, just the way I like it. If you ever travel to small villages, and see signs for a sagra, I highly recommend you stop at one for some local flavor.

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