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Tour of Villa Torrigiani


Villa Torrigiani

IMG 1563

At the end of the day we went to Villa Torrigiani in Camigliano. Villa Torrigiani is a 16th century villa hiding behind an extravagant baroque facade slapped on in the 17th century. We took a private tour of the panelled and painted grand hall and with bedrooms decorated with their original silk hangings to the music room with its early Italian harpsichord and portable organ. This home still remains in the ownership of the Santini family after three centuries. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside the villa, so most of the photos below are taken on the grounds or in the wine cellar.

IMG 1594

Stone Lion standing guard


IMG 1576

The Pond


IMG 1577

The Gardens


IMG 1582

The Wine Cellar beneath the villa.


IMG 1584
Wine Barrels.


IMG 1596

Group photo in front of the Villa Gates.


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