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Weaver Romeo in Convalle

After our visit with Carlo, we were off to Convalle to see Romeo Ricciardi. Romeo is now a weaver. He worked in a shoe factory, and after he retired, he decided to indulge his desire to weave. He bought an old handloom and took lessons from an elderly woman in his village. His wife Nada encourages his craft and brought us up to the attic which is his workshop. We watched him weave and it became obvious to me that this is truly an art form and he really enjoys his new-found skill. Exquisite workmanship can be found in his table dressings, rugs, and my favorite, dish towels (which I purchased) where he produces using cotton and antique hemp.

IMG 1692

Romeo happily working on his loom


IMG 1696

Loves his work


IMG 1695

Close-up of the ornate pattern

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